Monday, March 22, 2010

When I die I want to come back as my horse!

When I worked in a veterinary clinic, we had several older ladies that took such great care of their cats that we used to say, "When I die, I want to come back as Mrs. Smith's cat".
A few days ago Grace's new breast collar and headstall arrived. It got me to thinking that when I die, I want to come back as my horse. Today I pulled out a pile of her blankets so I could get them ready to send to the cleaners. I have said more than once that Grace has more clothes than I do. We thought it would be fun today to model them for you.

Ok it was my idea, but after a few apples Grace was on board.

Here is a rare site of her without any clothes on!

This is her newest sheet, its a purple plaid Orican with a 240 denier lining. It keeps her dry on rainy days that are over 45 degrees. The lining is great for keeping her coat smooth and shiny. She had a green one with a mesh lining which I sold because she didn't like the mesh lining.

This is my favorite blanket right now. Yes it's dirty because it's been getting alot of use. I always say that when it comes to horse blankets you get what you pay for. This blanket disproves my theory. This is from Schneider's tack. It is a 1200 denier medium weight turnout blanket. It only cost $54.95 and has easily out performed any blanket I have owned and it's PINK! I especially like how its cut to fit higher up on her neck, helps keep the rain out and keeps Grace's shoulders dry.

This is the BEST fly sheet on the market! We don't really have a fly problem at our house, but the mosquitoes are terrible. Grace HATES bugs! This is made by Turtleneck. I love the way it fits, the neck is a stretchy material. Grace wears this throughout the summer. Not only does it help with the bugs, it also keeps her coat from fading. It came with a neck cover, extra straps and a two year warranty.

This is the first blanket I bought for Grace. Its 10 years old now! It's a Big D All American. She was living at Penny's barn when I bought it. Its still in great shape really says something about the quality of the Big D Blankets.
This is her second Big D purchased shortly after the 1st one. Its a Grand Prix and is heavier than the All American. When she was in a stall and it would get below 20 degrees I would layer both blankets to keep her warm. She was kept under lights so she didn't have a winter coat.

Here she is in one of her Big D Sheets. Apparently we were on a burganday kick at the time.

This is the first turnout blanket I bought Grace when she moved to my house. I am planning to sell it after it gets cleaned. It has been replaced by the pink Schneider's blanket. This one is waterproof, but still seems to get really heavy when it gets wet.

This is another medium weight turnout. Ugh, it's dirty! A girl can never have too many medium weight blankets!

Matching sheet to turnout blanket. This one may get sold as well, it has the mesh lining that the Princess in not a fan of.

This is a Cool Coat sheet. Grace wears this in the summer when she is tied to the trailer at barrel races and other events. It doesn't work well in the pasture as it ends up hanging off to one side.

Close up of her new breast collar. How beautiful is that?!?!
I wanted to show you all of her head stalls, her other breast collar, her saddle pad collection and her custom polo wraps, but I have to get my laundy done. I need to keep up on it so I can continue to rotate my 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants that I wear during my 5 day work week.