Sunday, November 2, 2014

But I don't need another saddle ..Oh that one is pretty!

I was not looking for a saddle. I didn't think I needed another saddle, but dammit, this saddle! 
Sarah told me to put it on Joe for my lesson this week. She bought it for one of her horses last year and it didn't work out. She just found the right saddle for that horse and is planning to sell this beautiful Blue Ribbon that is just sitting. "I want to see if it fits Joe before I list it and then wish we had kept it". I figured it wouldn't do any harm, Joe hates trying different saddles there was no way he would be good in this one, besides my About the Horse saddle fits him great... but it could be prettier for shows. Not only did the saddle fit Joe, it fit me. It fit me better than any saddle I've ever sat in. My leg looked longer and it was still. I didn't have to adjust my seat throughout the ride. How could this be? Joe likes to put me in the back seat when I ride him. My other saddle has a more forward seat position which works great for Grace, Joe would have me sitting on his tail if he could. Sarah has a mare that does the same thing, when she put her in a saddle that put the rider where the mare wanted her it made all the difference. Same thing happened to Joe. Yesterday he was the most consistent he's ever been with his head at the lope, especially to the left which is his more difficult lead. Every time I rode past the mirror I couldn't get over my leg. My thighs looked long and not huge, my leg was still, I looked like I could hold my own in an equitation class. Sigh... off to see what other tack I can part with so this saddle can be mine. It sure is pretty!