Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't judge a saddle by its Cordura

Dear Black Cordura Saddle,

I am sorry that I judged you before I got to know you. I made the mistake of looking past you because you were not my “type”. I will admit it, I was wrong! When I first met you all I saw was a trail saddle, something that a novice rider might sit in. Certainly no serious horseman would spend time with you. I cringed when I saw Sarah lift you onto the back of the beautiful horses at her barn; didn’t she know that most of your parts are not made of leather?

Then this past weekend it happened, you were the only saddle in the barn that fit my horse properly. You looked better on her back, even in the cross ties she seemed more comfortable with you than her own beautifully made About the Horse saddle. Still I wasn’t convinced, but then I sat in you. My horse moved better in my lesson than ever before. Sarah pointed out that her step behind was bigger than she had ever seen it, and she has known the mare for 12 years! Grace wasn’t the only one that was more comfortable, I was able to stay in neutral pelvis for longer periods of time and at the end of the ride my rear end wasn’t sore at all. Sarah told me I could take you home for a little while if I left my saddle behind. You were lightweight and easy to load into my trailer.

It’s been 4 days now and over those 4 days we have enjoyed 4 wonderful rides. I am able to use my leg to ask Grace to lift her back. You have a space that she can fill with her back; you do not get in her way. You allow Grace to move at her full potential. I cannot believe that I wasn’t willing to give you a second look in the past. What I overlooked is that you are an About The Horse saddle and were designed and engineered with the movement of the horse in mind. You were not mass produced, but individually built by hand. Even your Cordura material is high quality.

I know our time together will be short. Sarah will need you back sooner than later and I will soon have my own saddle in the same tree size as yours. I just wanted you to know that I will be proud to sit in you any time and will no longer compare you to other saddles made of the same material. I might even miss your nylon latigo straps and extra clangy dee rings. Are you by any chance available for a trail ride this weekend?


  1. That's the saddle I want - exactly - I can't lift a leather Western saddle but a Cordura one would be perfect. As soon as Pie's back in work and muscled up, I'll measure him and get one ordered - thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thanks for the smile and the perspective! I too tend to be a tack snob :)

  3. Glad you got over your first impressions and gave it a go ;) lol

  4. what make is the saddle, its one of the nicest ive seen in the synthetics

  5. About the Horse - Dave Genadek http://www.aboutthehorse.com