Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gracie Lou's New Do?

Today I took some time to play with Grace's mane. I was actually disappointed that I didn't have more time for it. It took me close to an hour for the section that I did, but then again I've never been fast at braiding or banding. I would like to start banding Grace's long mane for shows, I like this look, but Sarah thought it looked rather "Friesian!"

We had a great lesson on Saturday, once again confirming that any issues we have are on account of me. We went to a schooling show last Saturday and I didn't have the best rides in my trail classes. I found it frustrating because trail is our favorite class. I asked Sarah to work with me on it at our lesson this week. She rode Grace for a minute and then told me to get back and and "do less!" She pointed out that Grace is really sensitive and ultra tuned in, when I tense up and do to much, Grace does to much. I practiced "doing less" after the lesson and again today, and you know what - it worked!

When I tacked up Grace for my lesson Sarah had me take off my saddle while she brought out her saddle trees from Dave Genedek. She put the #1 which is the tree I have been riding in (and the one I just ordered) on Grace and showed me how it rocked on her back. She then put on the #3 tree which is the same twist size, but has a straighter bar. It had no rock and just looked better on Grace's back. Sarah pointed out that Grace's back is straight only gets straighter when it comes up. The #1 was not allowing her to pick up her back. I took my lesson in a trail saddle that is on a #3 tree. It didn't take long to see the improvement in Grace's movement. I think there was a time that Grace did fit in a #1 but her back has changed so much just over the last 6 months. I knew something was up in the last month because I had stopped riding in one of my saddle pads, it kept slipping back every time we loped. I put it under the #3 saddle today and it didn't move one bit. Looks like I have to get a hold of Dave to make sure we get the tree right before he starts my saddle.  


  1. That doing less thing will get you every time - Dawn's like Grace - very sensitive and responsive - even responsive to the things you aren't aware you're doing!

  2. We used to do manes like that for Arabian Show Hack. I think it's gorgeous!

    My sister had trouble with her horse's back changing as his fitness and training progressed. He kept getting wider and wider. How lucky that you were able to try other trees to confirm the correct one.