Monday, April 19, 2010

New Routines

Tomorrow Grace has her 2 week follow up with Dr. Hills. We plan to take hock x-rays at that time. In the last 13 days Grace and I have fallen into a new routine.

It involves clay poultice, rubber gloves, saran wrap, standing wraps, Saratoga wraps and lots of patience! It has been several years since Grace had any time off that lasted more than a few days. Even in the winter she is worked 4 days a week. I had her up to 6 days a week before the last vet appointment where we decided to give her 6 weeks off.

First I slather her hind legs in clay poultice, then cover them in saran wrap. Not to hard to do even when she is dancing.

Next I wrap her leg with a standing wrap that has magnets over it and wrap that with a Saratoga bandage.

Then I look at the finished product and swear at myself for not paying attention in Pony Club. Why did I only stick with it until my D3 rating? Why did I have to discover boys at the age of 13? Why did I find them so much more interesting than lessons on how to wrap legs and clean tack?

Speaking of hormones, Grace when into season on Friday. She is usually so good about it I don't even notice. Add two weeks off to the first heat cycle of the spring, equals one Wild Grace!

She usually settles down when we go for our hand walks. I throw in some ground work to keep her ADD brain busy. I've lost count of the times I've said to her "that isn't walking!"

I set up a nice pen for her in my yard so she could graze in a small space. The idea behind it was that I would be able to do other things while she relaxed peacefully in her nice little pen.

See the chair outside the pen? The one with the book on it? Relaxing peacefully is not what Grace has in mind. As soon as I get 5 feet away from her she does this:

and this

That is NOT walking!

Which is why I bought these:

Timothy pellets to replace her grain with in hopes of getting the "edge" off.

I'll let you know how that goes.....

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