Monday, September 6, 2010

New Clothes!

Last week Grace got a new turnout sheet, cause you know, she can never have enough clothes . I found a "Hug" sheet on Ebay. I've heard about them before and even saw one on a horse a few weeks ago when we were having unseasonably cold weather. I won the turnout sheet on Ebay for $35, a steal since the same blanket retails for $99.95.

The best part of this blanket is the Hug closure at the chest. It wraps around and closes by the wither, essentially "hugging" the horse. For years Grace has made nasty cranky horse faces when I put her blankets on. She hates the traditional buckles that are on almost all open front blankets and sheets. I've been looking for closed front options, but they are rare on turnouts.
She has been wearing the Hug sheet on and off for a week now and the cranky mare face at blanketing time is gone.

Grace wears clothes almost year round. She lives outside and is ridden year round. For the first 5 years that I owned her she was boarded at a show barn and lived in a stall under lights 16 hours a day. The lights tricked her body into growing a winter coat that was the same length as her summer coat. The horses in the barn were all blanketed, if they were allowed to get cold, their winter coats would show up in a matter of days.

I brought Grace home 5 years ago at the end of July. The bugs were bad, so she started wearing a fly sheet 24/7. As the weather cooled down in the fall we added a turnout sheet, and as the temperatures got colder, the blankets got heavier. Over the years I have learned that the earlier I get a jump on the blanketing, the shorter her winter coat is. My goal is to be able to ride all winter long without body clipping.

I usually don't buy anything that is under 1200 denier, but the Hug sheet is 600, with a nylon lining. It's perfect for the weather we've had over the last few days; in the 50's and cloudy with some rain showers and sun breaks. The sheet is waterproof and breathable. This way when I am at work all day I don't have to worry about my Princess melting in the rain, or getting too warm if the sun comes out.

Of course if you asked Grace for her opinion she would tell you that she wants to be NAKED all the time. That is until the bugs come out, or it rains, or gets cold, or she gets a little dirty. At the end of the day, my rock star of a horse is a Princess at heart.

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