Friday, November 12, 2010

Tacoma Unit November 7th - COWS!

They held cow sorting all day on Sunday at the show. Our class didn't start until 4:00pm. It gave Nina and I the chance to watch the morning classes. There were several teams that were very aggressive, they were rushing the cows and not having a lot of success sorting them. I watched one team of ladies in the Novice class that took their time, they walked slowly into the herd and were in no big hurry. They had a great run.

I signed Grace up for 5 runs in the Green Novice class. This was our first time at a sorting this organized. The pens were bigger and the gate between them was about 3 times the size of the one we are used to locally. I let dirty cows past me in my first two runs. I started to get really frustrated because I felt like I was letting down whoever I was partnered with. On my third run, I was paired up with Brit.

Brit coached me through the entire run. It was so nice to have that level of communication!We got 5 cows on our run, which tied us for 2nd place in our division. Grace gets really amped up when we sort, so I have to stay extra calm to keep her focused. At this point, Grace just wants to get in with the cows and move them. I know I need to do more dry work to get her to settle down, but in the meantime, I love sitting on a horse who is that excited to do her job!


  1. I always feel like that too, like Im letting my partner down if I cant hold the hole well enough. OH well, its green novice! Britt is a great coach too :)

    We can work on dry together! Heaven knows Milo and I need to as well.

  2. Oh! Maybe we can use eachother as cows!