Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go Pro Helmet Cam!

My husband bought me a Helmet Cam! I was so excited about trying it out after work today that I completely forgot to change out of the pair of Ariats that I wear to the office. It wasn't until I put my feet into my stirrups that I noticed I had the wrong pair of boots on. I'll have to make sure to clean the mud off them before heading to work tomorrow. I took a bunch of videos of Grace today. There were a few of the Connected Ground work, and under saddle at the walk, jog and lope. It wasn't until I went to load the videos on the computer did I find out that all but one of the videos I took were taken as pictures, and not very good ones at that. I did get one good video out of the experiment. I let Belle into the arena at the end of our ride. So here you are, Grace, Belle and I playing the game we love the most; chase the cattle dog!

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  1. That's the one I've got. Awesome! We can be helmet cam buddies :)