Saturday, April 23, 2011

Video Take 2

I used a different camera today which seemed to help. Today's ride was somewhat frustrating for me. I've had so many good rides lately, today's ride did not feel good until the last 10 minutes. The first reason is that I did not start with ground work; I know better, but sometimes I guess I just like to see what I can get away with. Skipping ground work apparently is not one of those things. The second factor was that I put my spurs back on. Sarah suggested it at our last lesson. Grace is wonderful for Sarah when she wears spurs, but when they are attached to my boots she acts like it is the end of the freaking world! Halfway through the ride we spent a lot of time at the walk just remembering that spur means lift your back not drop your back and take off like a rocket!


  1. Gracie looked great in all of those! Shes got the half passes down! Can she lend her shoulder and reach for Milo??

    The last video in particular looked amazing! What are you talking about, having a bade ride? LOL

  2. So jealous of your half passes!