Monday, May 2, 2011

Western Riding Pattern Helmet Cam

I wore the helmet cam tonight so I could get some video of our pattern work for Western Riding. I am leaning towards the idea of hauling to a local show this Saturday to get in a Western Riding class before the show in Port Angeles on the 22nd. I had an amazing ride this last Saturday after the photo shoot. Most of it was one handed and Grace was just lovely. Tonight I set up cones and markers to give me a change to practice a pattern before next weekend. I have to be careful not to over-school Grace, she is really pattern smart and will anticipate every step of the way. She was not as lovely tonight and I had to get on her case at one point for rushing. No more pattern work for the rest of the week. My goal tonight was to set the markers to get the chance to get over myself. Now that I know we can do it, it's back to the basics for the remainder of the week.

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