Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Video - Western Riding Pattern 3

Grace is getting a much deserved day off tomorrow. She hasn't had one since last Wednesday and she had 2 lessons in that week. I've seen a big improvement in only a weeks time and I am starting to feel like we are ready for the show this weekend.

 My wonderful husband came out to the arena tonight to get some video and pictures. I rode the pattern twice, once before he got there and then right after he showed up. I have to say the first time was better, but what I have to show you here is a BIG improvement over what it has looked like lately. My first concern when seeing the video was that it looked like I was doing way too much with my rein hand. On closer look, that is actually my free hand which I have no clue what to do with. Glad I saw this, so I can get that figured out!

This is the first time I have ridden Western Riding Pattern 3. The BEST part was that Grace did not know that pattern, which is very clear at one point near the end, because she thought we were going left when we were going right. Over all I am really happy with were we are at this point.

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  1. Those western riding patterns are so technical! Grace is doing really well.

    I had to laugh about the free hand. Most of the time I forget I have a free hand so goodness knows what it does. When I actually do become aware of it, I try to experiment. I try holding it straight down, western pleasure style. I try holding it with the elbow bent and in front of me, reining style. I try holding it next to my rein hand, horsemanship style. Nothing seems comfortable and the result is always stiff and awkward. I probably need to spend a bit more time thinking about it so that I can finally find something that looks acceptable and comes second nature.