Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Trail Ride

Grace and I headed out for a much needed trail ride today with our favorite trail partners Jeanni and Jasmine. Jasmine and Grace have been best buddies for years now, one time Jeanni and I compared their papers and found out that they were cousins! A few years ago Jeanni and I would meet every Saturday for breakfast followed by hours out on the trails. Our rides together have become too few and far between. It was great today to catch up, just us girls.

Jeanni now lives in Chimacum, it's a 40 minute or so drive from my house. Chimacum is a small farming community full of vast pastures, farming land and beautiful trails. Every time I visit, I want to move there with every fiber of my being! Jeanni and her family have a beautiful farm and I have told her more than once to not be surprised if she finds Grace and I camped out her property.

One of the many beautiful farms in Chimacum

Grace and Jasmine in the pasture.

I was worried that Grace wouldn't want to come home after spending time at Jeanni's

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