Saturday, October 1, 2011

Change of Season

I looked outside last night at 7:30pm and it was dark. Once again the shorter days crept up on me; I am getting closer to accepting that summer is over. I’ve been working 10 hour days for the last few weeks and had lost track of what hour the sun was rising since I was already under the florescent lights of the office at 6:00am. It didn’t bother me as I thoroughly enjoy my job, I‘ve been there almost 10 months now and I still look forward to going to work every day. My department smashed our previous record this month; it was not only a sense of accomplishment for our customers but for us as a team. My co-workers are a big part of my love for my job; we work well together and collaborate throughout the day.

The other night while on a trail ride after work I noticed the woods darkening around me. I’m still getting home from work with plenty of daylight, but each night the light is dimmer while I ride. I’m also back to wearing long sleeves and even sweatshirts during my evening rides; my beautiful tattoo is going into hiding. Every time I brush Grace I have more hair to curry through. Her winter coat is fast upon me, even blanketing will not keep it at bay. I had her blanket off while I was at work the other day because the weather man said it would be 70 degrees. It was nowhere near his predicted temperature and as I looked at the clouds out the office window I swear I could hear Grace’s coat growing in the distance.

While I am sad to see summer go, I look to fall with a great deal of anticipation. I have a long list of things to look forward to. I start a creative writing class this Wednesday; I desperately need the classroom setting to help make my writing a priority. Group lessons with Sarah start next Saturday; we are going to work on different patterns each lesson. I love learning in a group as I always get more out of watching another rider go thought the process of accomplishing a new exercise. Our winter show series start this month in Spanaway our winter home away from home. Sarah and I have often joked about how it is always 20 degrees colder at the show grounds than anywhere else in the state. No matter the weather, we always have a good time at those shows. We are hiring one more person for our team at work. This should allow me to go back to 8 hour days and if I continue to arrive at the office at 6:00am I could be home in time to ride in daylight all winter long. This weekend the wet weather we are known for here in the Pacific Northwest returns. As I trade out my favorite tank tops for long sleeves I am determined to bring with me the joy I experienced this summer while basking in the sun. Please remind me of this on or around December 21st when I am miserably whining about the cold, dark, wet days.

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