Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday to My Favorite Horse of All Time!

Today is Grace’s 15th birthday! I have been told that horse years equate to 3.5 human years. If that is true that would make Grace’s age equivalent to that of a 52.5 year old human. Apparently someone forgot to explain the math to the mare, because this weekend I learned that my 37 year old body has some work to do to keep up with my now 15 year old horse!
Grace had too much edge on her when I took her into my classes at the show on Saturday. I fully take the responsibility for this one because I didn’t ride her the night before. It was pouring down rain and the outdoor arenas at home were slop. If I had to do it over again I would have paid the $15 to ride in the indoor next door. Our Western Riding pattern was much better than last year, Grace didn’t rush or run on pattern, but it could have been better. She also wasn’t as settled in her trail classes, even squealing at one point when I asked for the lope. I just shook my head and rode the horse I had. Gone was the horse that had been waiting on me the weekend before.
On Sunday we hauled to Sarah’s for what ended up being a 2 hour lesson. I quickly learned that one of us is out of shape and it isn’t the horse! Grace is not only fit, but she is fat and shiny – the chia seeds and hard work are paying off. She barely broke a sweat in the 2 hours. I on the other hand struggled to keep my core engaged and caused her to break at the lope. If I want to accomplish my goals in the saddle I am going to have to take my own fitness more seriously. We have a lot of work to do this show season and I do not want to be the one holding us back.
I couldn’t be more pleased with how good the mare looks at 15. She is more sound than she ever has been, and shows no signs of slowing down. I’m turning 38 this summer and I am going to have to buckle down if the same is going to be said about me. Happy Birthday Grace – thank you for inspiring me to be more than I thought I could be!


  1. Happy birthday, Grace! What a great age.

  2. Happy birthday to a beautiful bay mare - our Dawn, also a beautiful bay, will be 15 in June.

  3. Happy Birthday Gracie-Lou! I can honestly say that I did not know she was turning 15. And thats something considering I see her in person - she really does look fabulous. But just look at Jackson - it certainly can be done! You (as always) are doing such a good job with her.