Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coyote Alarm Clock

We have a pack of coyotes that moved in behind the house when I was at the Region 1 show. I heard them that night when sirens went by on the highway. Belle my cattle dog went nuts barking her head off at them. I could hear young pups below the adults cries and yips. This has become a daily occurrence since they showed up, every time a siren goes by on the highway they erupt along with Belle. They don't bother me at all, they don't mess with Grace, Belle or the cats and they keep the varmint population under control. Our house is nestled in a grove of old cedar trees, our nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away and there is a 120 acre heavily forested park right outside the front door. I consider it paradise!

This morning the adult coyotes started to carry on around 4:30am. Belle jumped out of bed and went flying out the back door when my husband let her out. I brought her in a few minutes later and had to make her settle down. The coyotes kept howling as they traveled through the park, this was something I hadn't heard them do before. I was able to follow their voices and know where they were in the park, they were on the same trails that I ride Grace on. Within 30 minutes they had finished the 2 mile trail circuit and were camped outside our bedroom window. I stated to wonder what they were waiting for. Where were the pups? Then I heard them, just a few little yips and barks in between the adults. I believe it was their first time out of the den and they had met up with their parents outside the bedroom window. The pups where then silent while the adults carried on. I heard the sound of a cough, like the one a dog makes after it vomits. Oh, feeding time!

The adults kept up the vocalizations which is when I pulled out my cell phone to record them. One of them moved closer to the front of the house, so I stepped out on the front porch for the second recording. I am assuming it was the male, the female staying behind with the pups. I could hear him rustling in the bushes just on the other side of one of our vehicles. He continued to communicate with the female. I finally turned on the porch light, which bought his barking to a abrupt halt. I heard him trot through the woods in the female's direction making a low chuffing sound as if to tell her to keep it down. That was it, not another word out of them after that. Pretty amazing way to wake up in the morning.

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  1. We hear a lot of coyotes at my place too. Often they run across the property and just last week walked across the driveway as Angie and I were outside.

    I listened to your two recordings and poor Angie got all ruffed up, stalking around the house and growling. She keeps whining now too pathetically. Haha