Monday, October 29, 2012

My Horse Smells Like a Pina Colada - Calm Coat Product Review

Every once and I while I find a product that I love so much I just have to share. This time it is an entire line of products. I was first introduced to Calm Coat by a friend that owned a tack store. She sent me home with a handful of samples of the Natural Topical Spay telling me to add it to my fly spray. It was mosquito season and when I would tack up my horse in the evening she was constantly swishing at the gnats and mosquitoes. "Calm" Coat is aptly named because after spaying her down with the fly spray/Calm Coat mixture there was an instant change in the energy. My irritated horse, was now calm, not only did the bugs leave her alone but she was no longer itchy, you could almost hear her breathe a sigh of relief. I bought a full size bottle and continued to add it to my fly spray mixture, about 1/2 an ounce to a 12 ounce bottle of fly spray. The Natural Topical Spray is oil based and contains Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils in a base of Canola oil. I would of course recommend using cation with an oil based product on horses turned out in direct sunlight, but I never had a problem, the fly spray I mixed it with was water based. The smell is amazing, I spent a lot of time this summer with my nose buried in my horse's neck.

In August I saw Calm Eyes at tack store down the road from a horse show. We had an unusually dry summer for this area and it was taking a toll on Grace's eyes. Even with a fly mask her eyes were crusty each afternoon when I would pull her out for a ride. At times her right lower eye lid would be puffy from rubbing it. Calm Eyes is easy to use, I just wiped it around the eye area with a rag. It cleared up the crusties and the tear staining that had just begun. I used the Clear Eyes until the rains came back and the dust settled down. I don't think I even used half of the 4 ounce bottle. I would think would be  a great product for dogs as well, especially those that deal with tear stains.

Last weekend I stopped in at Del's on a trip to visit my parents. I came home with a bottle of the Calm Coat Detangler & Shine. I use Cowboy Magic Body Shine at shows and in the winter, I like it but don't want to use it every day. The Calm Coat Detangler and shine doesn't have any ingredients on the label. Their website says it is fortified with Vitamin E and I can tell you that it smells like a pina colada. It seems to have essential oils, including what I assume is coconut. I sprayed it on Grace after a ride this week and brushed it into her coat. It cleared up that dander layer that is coming up to the top of her hair as she grows in her winter coat. Once again Grace smelled incredible, I couldn't stop leaning in and taking a whiff. I also sprayed her mane, but didn't brush it through. The next day when I tacked her up her mane was tangle free and her coat under her blanket was slick and shiny. Her coat felt better than when I use a silicone product, it was softer; more natural and less chemical based. I wash and condition Grace's mane and tail weekly, if I go longer than a week her mane becomes dry and frizzy, the Calm Coat Detangler & Shine seems to buy me a few more daysThis might just become my new go to grooming spray. 

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