Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grace Has A Friend

The neighbors are using their turnout pastures now that the weather is good and the grass is tall. One of the pastures shares their fence line with Grace's turnout area. I usually keep her in when I see that they have a horse out. Grace can be rather alpha with other horses and I didn't want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt. I missed it the other day when I had Grace out and they turned out one of their horses.When I went out to put Grace back in the two mares were getting along fabulously. The other mare is a 4 year old German Warmblood. She has the sweetest personality and a calm energy about her. She will come and visit Grace at the fence and then spend her time grazing along side her. I've never even seen a pinned ear between the two of them. It is really refreshing to see Grace play well with others! 

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