Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grey Horse

I have officially found myself in the world of maintaining a grey horse. All those years I said out loud "I'm so glad I own a solid bay" are about to catch up with me. We are having a beautiful sunny Pacific Northwest Day today so I broke out the Quicksilver and got the grey horse grey again. I have a whole host of new products in my tack truck including, Blue Shampoo, Green Spot Remover, Baking Soda, Vinegar, and all kinds of products for sweet itch. Poor Joe has a horrible allergy to the gnats. He will tear up his belly in just one night trying to get relief. I've been using Avon Skin So Soft Gel which helps to calm the itchiness but doesn't prevent the bug bites. I had just picked up several products for a home remedy (Swat, Bag Balm, Campho-Phenique) when the lady at the tack store sold me on Belly Balm from Tail Tamers. Cost wise it was about the same a the ingredients for the homemade concoction and the ingredients are all natural. I get nervous using a home made remedy on Joe since he is super sensitive. Today was day 2 of the Belly Balm and so far I think it's working. I reapplied after his bath and noticed that he wasn't swishing at bugs while I hand grazed him. I'll give it another week before I know if it is going to work. 



  1. Ooh, I've never heard of belly balm. My horse has sweet itch and it's terrible. I highly recommend trying out the vinegar recipe for the bites. Works better than MTG in my opinion. Red can't use a product for more than a few days because his skin is sensitive as well (He's a 1,300 pound wimp) but it's the one thing that we've been able to use without stopping.

  2. Chia Seeds. I got mine online from Equine Chia. My pony has sweet itch and this last year was the first year she wasn't bloody and raw. I got them for my dry itchy skin and figured it worked for me.... and it does. I suggest it to everyone. A scoop daily. she still is a little scabby this year but it is 100 percent better than last. omega 3s and I think it helps the allergic reaction.

  3. Yes! I did start him on Chia Seed! I used to get them from Equine Chia just found them cheaper on a bulk nuts website. I feed them to Grace in the past but she is really bad about eating anything added to her grain. Joe is getting 4oz a day to get started. Really looking forward to seeing the results.