Saturday, June 28, 2014

I've Always Wanted to Ride on a Golf Course

Between the house I live in and the barn is a gorgeous piece of property. The view from my kitchen window makes me think I live in a park. There are orchards, stone walls and several acres of golf course looking lawn complete with rolling green hills. Sarah uses the lawn in the summer to condition the show horses. She likes to let them move out while doing hill work. I've been riding Joe on the lawn for a few times a week for the last 3 weeks. At some point in every lawn ride I end up with an ear to ear grin that doesn't go away for hours! Joe loves the lawn! He has no idea that he is working. Friday night he gave me a lope that just blew my mind. It was lovely and easy and all I had to do was sit there  and smile. I find I ride better on the lawn - I have to! If I am not doing everything I need to in order to keep Joe on his hind end he could easily stumble and fall. It only takes a few strides before my body does everything automatically and the ride becomes natural. Next thing I know we are floating across the green hills together. You know those fantasies you have about riding on a golf course? It really is that good! 


  1. Did that once. As a kid with a fellow miscreant. Jumped a low stone wall and ran 100 mph through the local golf course. It was amazing. I really liked the screaming golfers and being run off by staff in golf carts...guess you missed that part.

  2. We used to ride by a golf course when I was a kid. The golfers used to taunt us and tell us it was $75 a hoof print.

  3. I've always wanted to do that. I figured it would end up like mugs said, though, LOL