Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roughout - it's ok to use sandpaper on your saddle!

After our trail ride in the rain yesterday, my tack was in need of a good cleaning.

A few months ago I bought a used Black Rhino Barrel Saddle.

I love the way this saddle fits Grace and it's wonderful to ride in!

See all that shiny smooth leather? That is supposed to be roughout. It was at some point in its past. This saddle was well used and well loved before I bought it. I have been told by several reputable sources that I can bring back the roughout by using sandpaper on the leather. I hadn't done it before today because the idea of taking sandpaper to a leather saddle just freaks me out!

I did it! Started with one side and then the other. I have no idea what I would have done if I didn't like the way the first side turned out. I really like the lighter color of the leather.

I noticed the difference as soon as swung my leg over. I don't think I could have come out of my saddle today if I wanted to!

Did you see my awesome stirrup hobbles? The saddle arrived with only one original stirrup hobble, with a promise to mail me the other one just as soon as it was retrieved from the previous owners Rottweiler. I went ahead and added my own style to the saddle.

So, if you've been holding off on taking sand paper to your roughout leather, never fear.
Just be sure to wear an old pair of jeans the first time you ride in it. I will spare you that picture!

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