Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A few of our favorite things

I am without a camera for the time being so Grace and I thought we would take this time share with you a few of our favorite products. I have always supported my horse life on a shoe string budget, it is the number one reason that Grace is my only horse. I know that I can give her the best care, but if I added another horse to the mix, I would have to compromise to make it work. I am always looking for deals on my favorite products, so here they are with where I purchase them:

Sore No More Gelotin - This is Grace's favorite liniment. I have tried Absorbine and Vetrolin on her as those were the ones I always used on my past horses. Princess Grace has sensitive skin and she does not like having anything with menthol sprayed onto her legs. I thought she was overreacting until I used Vetrolin and her legs broke out in little bumps. The Sore No More is all natural, and doesn't have that liniment smell to it (which I actually miss). I love it in the gel form, I just rub it into her legs after every ride, with little to no waste of the product. I have used it on my own sore muscles and I was suprised by how quickly the pain went away. Since I am using it every day right now, I just ordered the gallon size from neeps.com for $65.00. I have seen the gallon size range from $79.00 to 98.00 on other sites.

This brush is a life saver at shedding time! It is the Fur-Be-Gone. Yes, it's a knock off Furminator. I purchased mine at Superior Pets, a local pet supply store. I paid $20 for the 3 inch blade. It pulls out the winter coat, without damaging the new summer coat. The blade even helps to get that dirt that is way down deep in the coat. Grace seems to enjoy it especially during those itchy shedding out moments. It works great on the dog too!

Next is the Quick Fix Halter Snap from Schneider's.

This falls under the category of "Why didn't I think of that?" I know the idea behind a leather halter is that when a horse pulls back to the point that something is going to break, the leather will be the thing that breaks. That was not the case with my last two leather halters. On both of them the snap at the throat latch broke. I must not be the only one, or there would not be a need for this ingenious product. See the little screw at the bottom of the snap? It unscrews and the pin comes out. For $1.95 I was able to save a leather halter.

So those are 3 of ours, what are your favorite products and why?


  1. I have to say that some of my favorite items in my tack box have gone through several horses - passed down from my mom, when she had horses, to me when I got Promise.

    One of them is an old, blue saddle pad with red piping. It is hideous and looks terrible on Promise, but it has been the most reliable piece of fabric I've ever owned!

    The other is an old blue lunge line with a chain. I have gotten several of the "newer" types of lunge lines over the years to long-line her with, and each and every one of them has broken - luckily while being used as a regular lunge line, not while ground driving! But this old one, has literally gone through the 3 or 4 horses my family has owned, plus the 3 or 4 I leased before getting Promise...AND survived all of Promise's wonderful rodeo acts as a youngster without a scratch.

  2. My new favorite tool is a grooming mitt I got between having horses. I thought it would work great picking up cat hair from the furniture (not so much). My gelding has very sensitive skin and most curry combs hurt him. I happened to notice the grooming mitt on the cat tree one day and brought it to the barn to try out on him. He loves it, he's finally stopped dancing around on the cross-ties! So now it's my favorite.

  3. I plan to do an entire blog post on brushes. Grace's favorite is a "Grooma" type curry. It's smaller than most of the Groomas, it fits perfectly in my hand. It massages her and pulls the oils up to the top coat. When she sees I have it in my hand, she throws her hip into me as to say "right here!"