Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's all worth it!

After a fantastic morning trail ride with Nina and Milo , I spent the afternoon working on Grace's pasture. In typical Pacific Northwest style, it's been raining most of this week. Grace likes to sleep just outside her shelter. With all the rain, plus her tendency to urinate where she sleeps, her sleeping spot was soaking wet. I spent an hour digging drainage channels and stripping out the soaking wet layers of wood chips I had put down for her a few weeks ago. I then hauled in 5 new wheelbarrows of fresh wood chips, and bedded her stall with fresh shavings. When I was done, I brought Grace in from her grazing time and started to wash the truck up by the pasture. While I was rinsing off the truck, I glanced over at Grace and saw this:

At that moment my back was no longer tired and my hands stopped hurting. This was Grace's way of saying "Thanks Mom!" Any time Grace, any time!

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