Monday, August 16, 2010


Grace and I had the opportunity to work cows this past weekend!

While I may not have any experience working cows, Grace seems to have it all figured out.
Check out that cowy face and those laid back ears!

At first we just followed the herd around, Grace was interested in them, but not overly enthused. But then we started to cut them out:

As soon as I figured out how to stay out of her way, it got really smooth. At the end we cut out one cow and she stayed on it, loping with her ears pinned back.

We have our first sorting next weekend!

Looks like I found something for Grace to do.


  1. Go Grace! She's all over those cows.

  2. Its great how much fun horse have working cows where they just get to be horses.

    Do you have room in your trailer for a goofy dude named Milo next weekend?

  3. Sorry Nina, my trailer is set up as a one horse, too small to haul more than Grace. I am in Port Orchard in the morning on Katie, then I am rushing home to get Grace to Chimacum. I hope you can make it out there!

  4. That's awesome! Grace seems to like cutting! I have yet to find a horse that doesn't! Good luck in sorting! :)