Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Cowy Mare!

See that smile on my face?? It's because I'm sitting on my cowy little mare. We went to our first cow sorting last night.

It was a wonderful low key event with plenty of opportunities for training. While the runs were timed, we were allowed to go as many times as we wanted. Everyone encouraged each other and there was lots of cheering!

Grace LOVED it! Before our first run, she sat outside the pen and watched attentively. The cows were fresh and bucked a little on their first run. Grace got really animated when she saw that. We were the third group in and Grace got right to work.

There really wasn't much for me to do, except point her towards which cow we were sorting. From there she would take over, pin her ears back and push them out of her way.

When one didn't move fast enough, she stepped on it! I felt really bad for this cow, but it was fine. It never let her get close enough to be stepped on after that.

Kristen and I put together a 40 second run! Not bad for our first time out!!

I had so much fun! It's such an amazing feeling to do something that Grace loves. She would get really excited every time we would step into the pen. I had to hold her back several times and make her wait for her turn. She would have gone all night if I would have let her.

Look at those ears,that face, that tail, oh and the movement! I would not want to be on the cow end of that mare!

See this other horse getting really excited? This would have set Grace off in the past, she usually bolts away from other horses when they act up. This was a great experience for her. She didn't want to break from the cows, so she didn't let the other horse's energy bother her.

The next sorting is September 18th. Right now that feels like forever and a day away.

Grace and I plan to be there with bells on. I bet Nina and Milo will be there too!


  1. I like how calm and slow she looks - not overstressing the cows is important, so I understand. She looks very engaged, and like she's having fun - horses love to have a job.

    My horses have had the chance to do some cow work at the CO Mark Rashid clinics, and really enjoyed it - although Lily was disqualified from working because she wanted to bite the cows when they didn't move fast enough for her taste!

  2. Wow! How fun! It's great when you find the work your horse just loves to do - congrats on a great time - 40 seconds! woo hoo!