Monday, December 20, 2010

Grace's Dog "Belle"

I was going through my personal pictures on my work computer this morning. I couldn't help but realize that my dog Belle is in most of the pictures of Grace.

When Belle was a puppy I knew she needed a job, so I went out of my way to make sure she was with me when I fed Grace morning and night. Belle took her job very seriously, making sure to keep a close eye on me anytime I made a move for the front door. She soon moved on to accompanying Grace and I on rides.

Belle loves the trails as much as Grace does. When I pull onto the road where the trail head is, she gets all excited. Belle loves to take the lead when we head out on the trails. Grace used to get irritated with her, but she soon came to realized that the Boogey man is less likely to eat her if he has a small dog to snack on first.

"All safe and clear"

Belle going up the bank jump while Grace goes around

Belle loves water! She uses it to cool herself down. It doesn't matter how cold or wet it is outside, she will find a puddle and wallow like a little pig.

I keep a stack of towels in the truck!

Tuckered out after a trail ride. The best Blue Heeler is a tired Blue Heeler!

At home Belle is my "ground person"

She also thinks she is a horse. Here she is grazing along side Grace. Always fun later that night when her body remembers that she is indeed not a horse and she pukes up all the grass.

Belle makes a good cow in a pinch!

Yes, one day Grace and I broke all the rules and chased Belle like she was a cow. Belle thought it was the best game ever! I walked Grace up to Belle, dropped my hand down and said "get that dog!" Grace pinned her ears back and gave chase. Belle ran out of the arena, shocked that someone would dare to "herd" her. I called her back in and tried again. That was whens she figured out how much fun it was.

I swear the two of them are closer now since that day. Grace used to tolerate Belle, but now she has a use for her. Grace has even started sharing her grain with Belle at feeding time. Of course she might just be fattening her up for the Boogey man!

My girls!

A picture of Belle with Grace in the background.

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  1. That is exactly the kind of dog I want/need. Belle is awesome :)