Thursday, December 16, 2010


I love pictures of Grace! I can never have enough of them. I can't stand pictures of myself, but for some reason I don't mind so much as long as Grace is in the picture.

Last night I had the super good fortune to have two photographers show up for cow night at Diamond Hill Ranch.

I love this picture that Nina took! Beautiful!

Pictures, like video are great for me to learn from. I heard Sarah saying all night that I needed to move Grace's shoulder over with my leg and not hand. I've been working on that at home and was really making some progress. For some reason when we get back on cows, it all goes out the window.

See - too much hand!

Someone needs help with her hair! If I am going to be committed to wearing a helmet for every ride, that doesn't mean I have to have bad hair. Someone help me figure this out!

Cassie took this one on Saturday. I know it wasn't from last night because I am wearing pink gloves (yet all my other clothes seem to be the same!). I know I didn't have gloves on last night because my hands froze!

There is where Grace says "Sit Down, Shut Up and Hold On!"

At the end of the night Sarah and I separated the cows by color.

Seriously girl - get some help with that hair!


  1. She has such an unbelievably sweet face <3

  2. I know! She has a ton of expression at time. I plan to get a tattoo of her at some point in the future. Just waiting for the right picture. No joke, I'm really going to do it!

  3. Great photos! Isn't that fun, when there are people with cameras around to take pictures of you and your horse?