Monday, January 30, 2012

I Miss Summer!

January 30th – I made it this far into the Pacific Northwest winter before I started longing for summer again. I will say at least the days are getting longer; I’ve been able to ride outside after work for the last week. I was looking though some of last spring and summer’s pictures and found myself remembering those days when isn’t as dark, cold, wet and I actually get to see the sunrise before I leave for work in the morning.

I posted this picture on my Facebook page and was amazed by how many people liked it. I should have shared it when it was taken during Grace's photo shoot at the end of April. Years ago I taught Grace how to give kisses. The cue for the kiss is when I point to my cheek. It's a lot of fun to show off and is very cute, that is until she tries to kiss the judge during a showmanship pattern.

According to my computer this picture was taken on 8/3/2011 at 8:29 pm. That makes sense since I let Grace graze in the back yard in the evenings. Look at how light it is for 8:30pm! It's pitch black dark at 6:00pm right now, I will be in bed by 8:30 tonight.

Look at that grass! It was just covered in snow 2 weeks ago.
This was in June, 5 months away.

This picture was taken on Labor Day when we went to visit Jeanni and Jasmine.
That might have been the last picture I took in the year when I had to worry about there being too much sun in the camera lens. Look at that short clean coat, I had hosed her off before turning her out after our ride. The hose finally thawed out this week.

This was Grace's first full body bath of 2011 at the end of April. She looks absolutely thrilled. 

Here she is grazing in the sun after that bath.
I washed her mane this past Sunday when it was in the high 40's.
I did my best to towel dry her before putting covering her up in a cooler to dry off her neck.
I miss the days when I felt the need to hose her off after every summer ride.

This picture was taken on February 20th. The arena footing looks almost dry, there is no standing water in this shot. Grace is either sun napping or in her happy place she goes to when we do Connected Groundwork. February 20th and there is enough sun to cast a shadow. That is only 3 weeks from now. Maybe I will make it to summer.

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