Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chia Seeds 4 Week Results

I looked in the mirror the other morning and I noticed that something was different. It took me a minute to figure it out, but then I realized that I didn’t have any new breakouts. My skin was clear. I cannot remember the last time I could say that. The constant red blotchy spots on my neck were now even with the rest of my skin tone. The only change I’ve made is eating chia seeds every day for the last 4 weeks. I’ve had acne since puberty in one form or another. For the last several years my break outs have been rather acidic and take weeks to heal. I’m 37 years old and for the first time and over 20 years I have clear healthy skin. I’m not drinking as much water as I was at first, but I am still drinking twice as much as I had been.

Grace has also been eating chia seeds for the last 4 weeks. After comparing prices and wholesalers I went with Equine Chia (please excuse the obnoxious side banner on the blog). Their price per pound beat out the others and when the seeds arrived they were a darker color than the ones I had picked up from the health food store. In the last week I’ve finally come in contact with Grace’s summer coat. It is incredibly soft and smooth. I’m really looking forward to her dropping what remains of her winter coat so I can really see the results. I see her every day so evaluating weight changes over a short period of time is difficult. I think she looks better, but I will have to get another set of eyes on her to be sure.

 Just maintaining Grace’s weight and not losing any in the last few weeks is an accomplishment. She’s had many extra stressors in her world from spring weather changes, hay that she refused to eat and now her new boyfriend. Our landlords have a beautiful farm next door. Their turnout pasture boarders the property and Grace can see but not touch any horse that they turn out. Lately they’ve been using the turnout for their rather majestic German Warmblood stallion. Grace could care less about him at first, even giving him the cold shoulder, but then spring happened. For a mare that I usually cannot tell is cycling, she sure has made fool over herself in the last few days. She even left her grain to call to him last night when he was being led back to the barn. He left for a horse show last night and she seems to be back to normal today. Luckily even in the middle of a hormone rage she is very ride able and gets right to work when I swing a leg over her. I now have hay that she is cleaning up, the stallion is gone for the week and fingers crossed the big temperature swings are on their way out. I’ll get some pictures this weekend so we can compare her summer coat to last years.

Neighbor's stallion - at least Grace has good taste!

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