Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where Was That Ride on the Weekend?

UGH! I had a GREAT ride last night and it kind of pisses me off! Where was that ride on the weekend when we were at the show? The mare and I were amazing! She was soft, supple and connected. I stayed relaxed and fluid. Her lope was to die for even over a pole on the ground. At least I know I am a champion in my own backyard. Maybe this is like the Matrix and my rides at home are reality and the horse shows are just pretend. I think I’ll stick with that story and see how it goes.

In other news; remember when I talked about feeding Grace the best hay money could buy? Well apparently that isn’t always good enough either. A few weeks ago I bought hay from a different dealer, I usually buy from Sarah’s husband as he only brings in the best hay, but he was out. The hay I bought from the new dealer was a 2nd cutting orchard grass from last year. It was green, beautiful, looked clean and smelled good to me. I still had 2 bales left of the old hay to mix in. Princess Grace decided that the new hay sucked and she downright refused to eat it. At first I thought she was eating less in general because the hays looked so similar I had a hard time telling them apart. When I separated the piles it became very clear that Grace would not eat the new hay. I was able to get a few bales from Sarah to hold me over. Grace is eating every last piece of that hay. Sarah thought that the hay I bought from the different dealer may be dyed green and has a chemical on it that Princess Grace doesn’t like. I tasted both hays and I have to tell you I could not taste a difference. So this Saturday I am delivering the “not good enough for Grace” hay to horses that will eat it and will be picking her up a ton of hay that Sarah’s husband is bringing home from Eastern Washington. I really do want to come back as my horse when I die!


  1. Dyed green? People seriously do that? Crazy! Glad that you have another hay source.

    If you can be a champion in your own back yard I'm sure the day will come where it all clicks at the shows, too. At least you know it's there. It's the people who fumble around at home and then think the horse will somehow turn into a champion at the show because they added some Show Sheen to Dobbin's tail...that's where there needs to be some concern! But seriously, glad to hear you had a great ride, even if it was on the wrong weekend. Grace really sounds like an awesome horse. Hopefully the judges get to see that next time!

  2. what??? Les went and got more hay?????