Tuesday, June 12, 2012

115 Days to Noivce Championship not that I'm counting

24 hours ago I had no intention of attending Novice Championships. It was nice to say that I had qualified but that was it. I mean get serious a horse show in Las Vegas? Besides there will be good riders there, the kind that actually show AQHA. Still, I found myself checking the driving distance and route from my house to Southpoint Hotel and Casino (20 hours). I was just getting ready to log off for the night when Sarah IM’d me. She mentioned that she knew someone who had a layover farm in Idaho, which just so happens to be on the route to Vegas from here. Before I knew it the conversation turned from me telling her why I shouldn’t go this year to us discussing all the reasons I should go this year. Like the fact that they are offering a flat rate entry fee of $275 which INCLUDES stall! OMG I think we are actually going to do this! VEGAS!


  1. Omg how exciting is that?! Congratulations on your awesome show. You've worked so hard to get this far. You deserve to go to the championships!