Monday, June 18, 2012

I Want It That Bad!

I’ve been telling myself that I should run or work out for over a year now. I would go to the gym in the mornings when I was at my last job, but haven’t been for 18 months now. Sarah tells me all the time that running is good for riding; she’s been encouraging me to do it for years now. When I went to the gym the instructor of the class I took ran when she wasn’t working out and she looked amazing. Still, I just didn’t want it that bad. I dislike cardio, all that getting sweaty and out of breath. Even my upcoming high school reunion wasn’t motivation enough for me to get moving, I don’t really have to attend it do I? Then the idea of hauling to Novice Championships became a reality and what do you know, motivation appeared!

I started running last Thursday and I have run every other day since then.  I have 120 acres of amazing trails right outside my back door. There are tons of hills and long stretches to conquer. The first day I was disgusted by how out of shape I was I had no stamina at all. Still, I pushed myself a little further before each walking break. On day two I was actually able to run longer in between breaks. Tonight I walked in the door from work and changed right into my running clothes ready to hit the trail with Belle my dog and running partner.

I’ve been able to time running before my rides. By the time I pull Grace out of the pasture I’m feeling the after effects of runner’s high. When I get into the saddle my hips forget to tense up, my back then stays soft and relaxed. I found out tonight that I was able to let go of my upper thigh in the lope and use my lower leg more, something I couldn’t do two weeks ago when Sarah asked me to in a lesson. My right hip isn’t getting stuck in lead changes either. Come to think of it I’ve had some really good rides in the last week. I wonder if I will ever listen to Sarah the FIRST time she tells me to do something.

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  1. There is a program called couch to 5k,, that gives you a good progression to build up to running a 5k (3 miles) in 9 weeks. You can download apps that change the music pace or verbally let you know when to walk and when to run.