Sunday, November 18, 2012


Picture of Grace and I years ago

“I have a new schooling show plan for you” was the message from Sarah. This could be anything from hauling to different shows than the ones we had planned to riding another horse. The answer was revealed during my Saturday lesson “I think you should stay and do English classes on Sunday”. Sarah explained that it would be more show ring time, more patterns and a chance to school two handed. She also suggested that I consider the equation classes at AQHA shows. Other than the fact that I no longer own any English tack or clothes, this seems like a really good idea!

When my family purchased our first horse my Dad assumed that we would ride Western. The horse community around us was predominately English. The kids I rode with were either in Pony Club or attended Hunter/Jumper shows. It wasn’t long before I had ditched the Western saddle and was riding in my first all-purpose English saddle bought from a neighbor girl that was off to college. I went on to participate in Pony Club and Hunter/Jumper shows. I developed some pretty bad riding habits from being over faced by large fences. I switched back to Western when I met Grace at Penny’s barn and began a long journey of learning how to ride all over again.

I’ve ridden Grace English a handful of times; I’ve even jumped her as high as 3 feet. Grace is actually the nicest horse I’ve ever ridden to a fence; the distance is there every time and she doesn’t hesitate at the base of a jump. I on the other hand was done jumping and much prefer having my butt firmly planted in my Western saddle. I have shown Grace Hunt Seat at schooling shows in the past, she actually does well and seems to enjoy moving out. I will have to see how I feel about it. Luckily I can borrow tack for the time being and since we are starting out with schooling shows I don’t have to get too fancy. That reminds me – I will eventually have to wear breeches again, good thing I just started hitting the gym!

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